Thursday, August 11, 2011

allow me to introduce my host family

far left: Jiatou, 21 years old, middle- Fatou's mom, far right: Dior, Marge's mom

from the entrace
from the common area to upstairs

hallway to our room (second door)

he is a philosophy professor at a collge
Juniol, 9 years old.
mamisect, 12 years old
Amadou, 14 years old

Mage and Fatou, both 4 years old
Bamba Evans, few weeks old.

Evan from MN, Talisto, 19 yearsd old, Liz from Indianna.

 we had a very big family. Dior is married to the professor. Fatou,Amadou and Talisto are brothers and sisters but only Fatou lives with her parents. Her parents live in Germany and he mom was only in Senegal for 2 weeks to visit. When her visit was over, her husband was planning on visiting to see Amadou and Talisto. Mamisect and Juniols are brothers and sisters and they just had a baby brother Bamba Evan on our 2nd day. Their dad had two wives but i didnt' know where the other wife was. The main entrance was always open except at nights. Thier friends came in and out freely so it felt like the whole neighbors were our family. we had two maids who were there all the time and two other maids who came in sometimes. They usually did laundary everyday since there were so many people in the family. the maids cleaned the house, cooked and did dishes. but they ate with us. i felt like they were also part of the family. People shared everything. There was no notion of "yours" or "mine", it was more like "ours." if you take off your shoes and go inside, next thing you know is your shoes are gone, or your pen, notebook, chiar, food or anything. At first, i felt as if my privacy was invaded but later i found it convinient. I didn't have to ask whose pen it was everytime i had to use it. I didn't have to ask permission to sit on a chair when somebody gets up and walks away, since it belonged to everybody. In the country where community or group is more emphasized than individuals, it was easier to share and not to have set boundaries.

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